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Rebecca Stewart
I know the frustrations of doing school work with your own child. I know the feeling of understanding your child’s potential, yet not seeing him live up to it. I am a mom to our 8 year old son whom I homeschool, with two younger siblings to soon join in our school time. Prior to this adventure, I spent about 12 years teaching in public schools and private schools.

During the last 3 ½ years, I have enjoyed tutoring public school students and homeschool students, while I stay at home with my own young children. I have become more in tune to parents’ needs and concerns than ever before. I have sat with parents in conferences to be their advocate. I have listened to them cry, given them pep talks, and celebrated their child’s victories with them. It has been awesome! I’m an advocate for parents and teachers alike. I often touch base with my former co-workers to hear the challenges they face in schools today.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and my master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I am certified to teach in grades K-8. I have taught grades 2-6 in both private and public schools for nearly 12 years. I have held several part-time tutoring positions over the years, the most recent being my own tutoring business which serves the children and parents in our community. I am happy to help the children and as equally excited to assist the parents in strategies to help their own child.