Take a Brain Break!!!

  Have you ever had those moments when your child should be doing homework, but instead keeps wasting time by not focusing to get it done? Whether your child attends school all day or is homeschooled, you can recognize that sometimes it’s a good thing to step away from school work for a time to recharge the brain. This is what we call taking a brain break! You may feel like you don’t have the time to spare for taking a brain break with your child, but research shows that it increases the productivity of school [...]


Math Flash Cards That Work!

So your child has finally started multiplication this year? Chances are, he or she is in third or perhaps second grade. Recently a tutoring client of mine informed me that her new third grader would have to learn the multiplication facts from zero to nine before mid-year.  As I was discussing a plan of action to learn them, I wanted her to be aware of how powerful a well-planned strategy can be.  Most teachers will assess that the students know each group of facts by giving them multiplication quizzes. There are different ways that we, as parents, help [...]


I want to volunteer in my child’s classroom, but I work full time!

  Ok. So, you’ve seen your SAHM (“stay at home mom”) friends and their facebook posts about how they are helping in their child’s classroom.  As a full time career mom, you know it’s not possible to be in your child's classroom helping, yet you still want your child to see that you are invested in his/her classroom. You want the teacher to know you are willing to help out, even if you can’t be there physically.   Here are a few ideas that can work across the board, no matter your child's age or grade:     Send in [...]


“I’m Nervous About My Parent Teacher Conference!”

It’s going to be ok. It is quite normal for you to feel nervous about a parent teacher conference. This meeting might be your very first, it might be a special-called meeting for a specific issue, or there may be some baggage that comes with the present school year making you nervous. Bottom line: It’s your job as a parent to help your child. It’s your child’s teacher’s job to help your child. Know that no matter the personality of the teacher, she ultimately would like your child to perform well. There are a few things to consider that will [...]


Help! My Child’s Teacher Won’t Communicate With Me

Have you ever been in that situation where you can’t get a straight answer from your child about what happened during the day or what is required homework to be completed, etc.? Have you ever had that teacher that doesn’t reply to your email, even after a couple of days? Read my plan of action for building a healthy relationship with the teacher to boost communication and find out the answers to your questions.   Meet the teacher in person as soon as you can.   The best scenario is to meet the teacher at the first open house or [...]


Does My Child Have Dyslexia?

The word dyslexia gets tossed around frequently, but do we have an understanding of what it is and who has it? Sometimes it’s best to define what it is not: What Dyslexia IS NOT: Simple reversing of letters (In fact, reversing letters can still be considered normal up to a certain point in young learners) Lack of intelligence (Dyslexics can be very knowledgeable about many things and can have a solid vocabulary as well). What Dyslexia IS: Dyslexia is struggle to read words, separate and apart from one’s intelligence. Many define it as a learning style. As you [...]


How Do I Choose a Tutor for My Child?

Every child will benefit from one-on-one instruction (which is not the norm during the school day). Some parents seek tutoring for enrichment purposes, although most seek it for intervention purposes. If you feel intervention is needed by seeking tutoring for your academically struggling child, there are some things to consider so that you have a good fit.   Consider the age and personality of the child.     Does your child need to form a relationship with someone to open up to them? Or perhaps they need to be in the habit of seeing the same person each week for [...]


My Child is Still Below Grade Level and Now It’s Summer!

So what do you do when it’s time for summer break and your child never did get “caught up?” Learning is a process, and children learn at their own speed. Just because your child is behind grade level does not mean that he will always be struggling. He needs you as his best advocate to provide those moments of growth, practice, and confidence-building. Months matter in the very early grades, so it can be expected that your child may need a few more months to get to where his peers are. Many students will have a summer regression from never [...]


Have a Middle School Child? Ask the Teacher these Helpful Questions:

  It is often a nervous feeling parents get when their child finally moves from the comfort of their elementary school into a larger environment with multiple teachers and classrooms in middle school. Of course, we know middle school prepares students for  the multitasking in high school. It is all part of growing and learning in education. There will be favorite teachers and favorite classes, but on the other hand, there will be those courses that may prove to be more difficult to endure. Whatever the case, you  want the process to go as smoothly as possible (since middle school [...]


How To Get Your Child to Write (And Keep a Journal, Too!)

Writing is often a huge part of middle school, high school, and college. We want to teach our children to not be afraid of expressing themselves in written form and praise them for their work and small gains they make. Remember how it felt in school when your teacher bragged on your work, taped it to her desk, or your parent placed it prominently on the refrigerator at home? In our home, we’ve encouraged writing and drawing since our children were old enough to hold a pencil. Sometimes that’s drawing at a restaurant  on the kids activity page, sometimes [...]