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“Rebecca was a huge, if not the biggest, factor in helping my daughter advance and succeed in her reading. She helped us identify some probable learning disabilities and then helped my daughter to overcome them and build confidence in her abilities. Rebecca is a wealth of resources and information and is able to quickly assess each child and hone in on their personal struggles, and provide a reading strategy that fits them perfectly. She always had tips, resources, and ideas for me as the parent so that I could re-enforce what my daughter was learning with her. Hiring Rebecca was the best thing I could have done for my daughter to push past the initial challenge we faced on the road to becoming a great reader.”

–Genevieve B. ( mom of 8 year old girl)

“Rebecca helped my girls get A’s and B’s after receiving failing grades. She gave them the skills and confidence in their abilities to ‘get it’.
She also helped me plan for conferences and to communicate productively with teachers via phone, email and text. She knew what to ask and when to ask it. We so appreciate all she helped us with!”

–Gail G.